Meet Results for Nick Mellusi - Class of 2019

Nick Mellusi's PRs for Outdoor
2019-05-25North 2 Group 3 SectionalShot Put Final38'1½"
2019-05-24North 2 Group 3 SectionalDiscus Final99'8"
2019-05-16County Individual ChampionshipsDiscus Final91'10"
2019-05-15County Individual ChampionshipsShot Put Final35'6¼"
2019-05-09UC Watchung Conference ChampionshipShot Put Final37'4½"
2019-05-09UC Watchung Conference ChampionshipDiscus Final86'3"
2019-05-02Union County RelaysShot Put x3115'8"Leg 241'1½"
2019-05-01Union County RelaysDiscus x36326'11"1Leg 388'8"
2019-05-01Union County RelaysJavelin x3300'4"Leg 193'10"
2019-04-27Millburn InvitationalDiscus x2149'4"Leg 285'9"
2019-04-27Millburn InvitationalShot Put x278'4½"Leg 239'0"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPShot Put Final39'0½"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPDiscus Final71'10"
2019-04-18Eagle Relays InvitationalShot Put x3110'1½"Leg 238'11"
2019-04-18Eagle Relays InvitationalDiscus x3289'7"Leg 373'4"
2019-04-15ALJ Tri MeetShot Put Final36'11½"
2019-04-15ALJ Tri MeetDiscus Final76'4"
2019-04-13Madison RelaysDiscus x32312'2"8Leg 382'1"
2019-04-13Madison RelaysShot Put x2376'1¾"6Leg 235'1¾"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oratory and RoselleShot Put Final35'6"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oratory and RoselleDiscus Final75'3"
2019-04-06Summit RelaysShot Put x398'9¾"Leg 331'5¼"
2019-04-06Summit RelaysDiscus x3310'5"Leg 385'9"
2019-04-02Rahway, GL Tri MeetShot Put Final33'4½"
2019-04-02Rahway, GL Tri MeetDiscus Final83'4"
2019-04-02Rahway, GL Tri MeetJavelin Final58'1"