Meet Results for Olivia Lawlor - Class of 2022

Olivia Lawlor's PRs for Outdoor
2022-06-04North 2 Group 3 SectionalShot Put Trials29'5¾"
2022-06-04North 2 Group 3 SectionalJavelin Final789'11"
2022-05-25Union County Individual ChampionshipsShot Put Final30'2"
2022-05-25Union County Individual ChampionshipsJavelin Final79'1"
2022-05-13Watchung ConferenceShot Put Final332'1"6
2022-05-13Watchung ConferenceDiscus Trials70'10"
2022-05-12Watchung ConferenceJavelin Final697'3"1
2022-05-09Union County RelaysShot Put x381'7¼"Leg 131'1"
2022-05-09Union County RelaysDiscus x3199'1"Leg 175'1"
2022-04-30Millburn RelaysDiscus x2130'3"Leg 167'6"
2022-04-30Millburn RelaysJavelin x2151'0"Leg 178'8"
2022-04-30Millburn RelaysShot Put x2462'1¾"Leg 131'4½"
2022-04-23Blue Devil ClassicShot Put x380'2¾"Leg 230'0¼"
2022-04-23Blue Devil ClassicDiscus x3172'11"Leg 268'1"
2022-04-23Blue Devil ClassicJavelin x3200'11"Leg 272'7"
2022-04-19Westfield/UC TriShot Put Final29'7"
2022-04-19Westfield/UC TriDiscus Final52'10"
2022-04-19Westfield/UC TriJavelin Final76'4"
2022-04-04New Prov / Elizabeth Tri MeetShot Put Final31'1"
2022-04-04New Prov / Elizabeth Tri MeetJavelin Final79'7"
2022-04-02Summit RelaysShot Put x374'3¾"Leg 128'3"
2022-04-02Summit RelaysJavelin x24155'0"Leg 181'8"
2021-05-13UCC WatchungDiscus Final1059'0"
2021-05-12UCC WatchungShot Put Final430'5½"4
2021-05-12UCC WatchungJavelin Final870'9"
2021-05-07UCIAC RELAYSDiscus x313198'10"Leg 266'7"
2021-05-07UCIAC RELAYSJavelin x37187'11"Leg 170'6"
2021-05-06UCIAC RELAYSShot Put x31175'6½"Leg 129'1½"
2021-05-01Blue Devil ClassicShot Put x31067'4"Leg 129'9"
2021-05-01Blue Devil ClassicJavelin x36202'5"Leg 275'10"
2021-04-26Westfield/Union/KPSShot Put FinalNo Mark
2021-04-26Westfield/Union/KPSJavelin Final67'8"
2021-04-20SPF/Oak Knoll DualHigh Jump Final4'4"
2021-04-20SPF/Oak Knoll DualShot Put Final27'9¼"
2021-04-20SPF/Oak Knoll DualDiscus Final59'2"
2021-04-20SPF/Oak Knoll DualJavelin Final63'5"
2019-05-24North 2 Group 3 SectionalJavelin Final65'7"
2019-05-20East Coast RelaysJavelin x3199'2"Leg 263'3"
2019-05-16County Individual ChampionshipsJavelin Final54'7"
2019-05-10UC Watchung Conference ChampionshipJavelin Final66'7"
2019-05-07JV COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPHigh Jump Final34'4"
2019-05-02Union County RelaysJavelin x3188'10"Leg 252'5"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPHigh Jump Final4'4"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPShot Put Final24'4"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPDiscus Final66'1"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPJavelin Final53'6"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oak Knoll and RoselleShot Put Final24'10"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oak Knoll and RoselleDiscus Final54'6"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oak Knoll and RoselleJavelin Final51'2"
2019-04-02Rahway, GL Tri MeetShot Put Final25'7"
2019-04-02Rahway, GL Tri MeetJavelin Final44'9"