Meet Results for Nazarae Tannis - Class of 2028

Nazarae Tannis's PRs for Cross Country
2023-10-19MS Dual Liv WO and SPF3090m Boys1113:246:58.74:20.2
2023-10-17MS Dual KPS, OK, BwR3090m Boys2214:467:41.44:46.7
2023-10-12MS Dual Union and W. Orange3090m Boys913:347:04.04:23.4
2023-10-05MS Dual Bernards and Long Hill3090m Boys1614:087:21.74:34.4
2023-10-03MS Dual Warren and Oratory3090m Boys3519:5510:22.46:26.7
2023-09-21MS Dual Oak Knoll and Memorial3090m Boys1714:407:38.34:44.8
2023-09-19MS TT3090m Boys15:518:15.35:07.8
2022-10-20MS Warren and Long Hill3090m Boys3014:357:35.74:43.2
2022-10-19MS Union, OK, WO3090m Boys2314:477:42.04:47.1
2022-09-29MS Greenbrook3090m Boys3516:128:26.25:14.6
2022-09-21MS Dual vs South Plainfield3090m MS Boys3317:519:17.85:46.6
2022-09-15MS Time Trial3090m Boys16:598:50.75:29.8