Meet Results for Logan Teixiera - Class of 2029

Logan Teixiera's PRs for Cross Country
2023-10-19MS Dual Liv WO and SPF3090m Boys4918:489:47.56:05.0
2023-10-17MS Dual KPS, OK, BwR3090m Boys3417:579:20.95:48.5
2023-10-12MS Dual Union and W. Orange3090m Boys3519:1810:03.16:14.8
2023-10-03MS Dual Warren and Oratory3090m Boys3922:0211:28.57:07.8
2023-09-21MS Dual Oak Knoll and Memorial3090m Boys2917:399:11.65:42.7
2023-09-19MS TT3090m Boys21:2511:09.36:55.9
2022-10-19MS Union, OK, WO3090m Boys4217:138:58.05:34.3
2022-09-29MS Greenbrook3090m Boys4517:239:03.25:37.5