Meet Results for Hunter Timpson - Class of 2019

Hunter Timpson's PRs forIndoorOutdoorShow
2019-05-25North 2 Group 3 SectionalShot Put Final44'8½"
2019-05-24North 2 Group 3 SectionalDiscus Final84'8"
2019-05-16County Individual ChampionshipsDiscus FinalNo Mark
2019-05-15County Individual ChampionshipsShot Put Final44'6"
2019-05-09UC Watchung Conference ChampionshipShot Put Final43'1½"
2019-05-09UC Watchung Conference ChampionshipDiscus Final111'6"
2019-05-02Union County RelaysShot Put x3115'8"Leg 143'2½"
2019-05-01Union County RelaysDiscus x36326'11"1Leg 2115'3"
2019-05-01Union County RelaysJavelin x3300'4"Leg 278'1"
2019-04-27Millburn InvitationalDiscus x24233'8"4Leg 2115'5"
2019-04-27Millburn InvitationalShot Put x278'4½"Leg 139'4½"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPShot Put Final40'3"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPDiscus Final111'5"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPJavelin Final88'3"
2019-04-18Eagle Relays InvitationalShot Put x3110'1½"Leg 141'3½"
2019-04-18Eagle Relays InvitationalDiscus x3289'7"Leg 1108'9"
2019-04-15ALJ Tri MeetShot Put Final40'8¾"
2019-04-15ALJ Tri MeetDiscus Final118'1"
2019-04-13Madison RelaysJavelin x2184'7"Leg 271'2"
2019-04-13Madison RelaysDiscus x32312'2"8Leg 2107'6"
2019-04-13Madison RelaysShot Put x2376'1¾"6Leg 141'0"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oratory and RoselleShot Put Final41'2¾"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oratory and RoselleDiscus Final107'0"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oratory and RoselleJavelin Final107'7"
2019-04-06Summit RelaysShot Put x398'9¾"Leg 140'7"
2019-04-06Summit RelaysJavelin x2186'10"Leg 279'5"
2019-04-06Summit RelaysDiscus x3310'5"Leg 2101'4"
2019-04-02Rahway, GL Tri MeetShot Put Final41'3"
2019-04-02Rahway, GL Tri MeetDiscus Final108'9"
2019-04-02Rahway, GL Tri MeetJavelin Final71'1"
2019-02-16Group 3 ChampionshipsShot Put Final1243'9¼"
2019-02-10State Sectional Championship N2G3Shot Put Final443'3¾"4
2019-02-04Morris County Coaches InvitationalShot Put Final42'4"
2019-01-30Metro InvitationalShot Put Final1643'5"
2019-01-26Union County Individual ChampionshipsShot Put Final41'9"
2019-01-22Group 3 RelaysShot Put x273'8"Leg 140'7"
2019-01-16The Armory Frosh/Novice MeetShot Put Final143'1½"
2019-01-05UCIAC Relays ChampionshipsShot Put x390'11¼"Leg 139'9¾"
2018-12-28Glynn Holiday Relays VaristyShot Put Final1340'11½"
2018-05-26Group 3 North 2 SectionalsDiscus Final2691'6"
2018-05-25Group 3 North 2 SectionalsShot Put Final1141'10"
2018-05-21East Coast RelaysShot Put x31099'4¼"Leg 138'4½"
2018-05-17Union County ChampionshipsShot Put Final2437'10"
2018-05-17Union County ChampionshipsDiscus Final16108'9"
2018-05-11Union County ConferenceShot Put Final1439'8¼"
2018-05-10Union County ConferenceDiscus Final1689'11"
2018-05-04Union County RelaysShot Put x31399'9¾"Leg 231'0"
2018-05-04Union County RelaysDiscus x3No MarkLeg 2
2018-04-28Millburn RelaysDiscus x217177'4"Leg 1102'4"
2018-04-28Millburn RelaysShot Put x21173'6"Leg 137'3"
2018-04-23Gov. Liv/DaytonShot Put Final37'9"
2018-04-23Gov. Liv/DaytonDiscus Final91'8"
2018-04-21West Essex RelaysShot Put x33104'5¾"6Leg 137'9¼"
2018-04-21West Essex RelaysDiscus x33271'6"6Leg 3
2018-04-10Cranford DualShot Put Final37'1"
2018-04-10Cranford DualDiscus Final89'5"
2018-02-02North Jersey Group 3 SectionalsShot Put Final839'3"
2018-01-27Union County ChampionshipShot Put Final2036'2"
2018-01-21Group 3 RelaysShot Put x21874'1¾"Leg 139'5¼"
2018-01-14Union County RelaysShot Put x39103'7½"Leg 136'10½"
2018-01-09Cliff Back InvitationalShot Put Final1437'9"
2017-12-30Len Pietrewicz InvitationalShot Put Final2533'9"
2017-12-20Wayne Gardiner Holiday RelaysShot Put Final5534'7"
2017-05-08Union County JV/NoviceShot Put Final34'11½"
2017-05-08Union County JV/NoviceDiscus Final90'2"
2017-04-29Millburn RelaysShot Put x2464'4"Leg 132'3¾"
2017-04-19Union DualShot Put Final33'0½"
2017-04-19Union DualDiscus Final83'1"
2017-04-15Morris Hills RelaysShot Put x399'11½"Leg 134'1½"
2017-04-08Madison RelaysShot Put x2169'6½"Leg 232'8½"
2017-04-05Linden DualShot Put Final25'5½"
2017-04-05Linden DualDiscus Final83'4"