Meet Results for A´Nyla Jean - Class of 2020

A´Nyla Jean's PRs forIndoorOutdoorShow
2020-02-17Union County ChampionshipsShot Put Final1328'5"
2020-02-14North 2 Group 3 SectionalShot Put Final729'10¾"
2020-01-21Group 3 State RelaysShot Put x255'1½"Leg 127'8¾"
2020-01-16NJ Frosh/NoviceShot Put Final725'6"
2020-01-09Valentine InvitationalShot Put Final3024'1½"
2020-01-05Union County RelaysShot Put x3777'1½"Leg 325'1"
2020-01-02Cliff Back InvitationalShot Put Final26'0"
2019-12-28Glynn Holiday InvitationalShot Put Final1524'10¾"
2019-12-20Essex County Coaches InviteShot Put Final624'8"
2019-05-10UC Watchung Conference ChampionshipShot Put Final26'1½"
2019-05-09UC Watchung Conference ChampionshipDiscus Final66'4"
2019-05-02Union County RelaysDiscus x3212'7"Leg 265'10"
2019-05-02Union County RelaysJavelin x3188'10"Leg 146'0"
2019-05-01Union County RelaysShot Put x372'8"Leg 222'2½"
2019-04-27Millburn InvitationalDiscus x2121'3"Leg 242'9"
2019-04-27Millburn InvitationalShot Put x248'7½"Leg 124'10"
2019-04-23Dual vs. Brearley and KPShot Put Final22'8½"
2019-04-18Eagle Relays InvitationalShot Put x377'0½"Leg 127'4¼"
2019-04-15ALJ Quad MeetShot Put Final26'1¼"
2019-04-15ALJ Quad MeetDiscus Final72'2"
2019-04-13Madison RelaysShot Put x250'4½"Leg 127'0½"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oak Knoll and RoselleShot Put Final26'3"
2019-04-09Home Tri - Oak Knoll and RoselleDiscus Final43'10"
2019-04-06Summit RelaysShot Put x373'7"Leg 323'10"
2019-04-06Summit RelaysDiscus x3184'2"Leg 342'9"
2019-02-10State Sectional Championship N2G3Shot Put Final1425'1"
2019-02-04Morris County Coaches InvitationalShot Put Final25'9"
2019-01-26Union County Individual ChampionshipsShot Put Final127'10"
2019-01-26Union County Individual ChampionshipsShot Put Final27'10"
2019-01-22Group 3 RelaysShot Put x245'6½"Leg 223'3"
2019-01-05UCIAC Relays ChampionshipsShot Put x3464'8¼"Leg 321'6¾"
2018-12-28Glynn Holiday Relays Novice/FroshShot Put Final22'6"