Results for Girls Union County Conference

Warinanco Park - Tue 18 Oct 2016

Mountain Varsity - Warinanco Dual 5133m
51 Points 22:03.4 Avg 1:35 Spread 2nd of 5 schools, 35 runners
4th 4ptsHannah Russo21:086:37.64:07.0
7th 7ptsMolly Driscoll21:576:52.94:16.6
9th 9ptsLindsay Edwards22:10* PR6:57.04:19.1
15th 15ptsMorgan Kasemeyer22:19* -66:59.84:20.9
16th 16ptsGianna Guttilla22:437:07.34:25.5
18th 18ptsMolly Kasemeyer22:487:08.94:26.5
26th 26ptsNicole Torio23:557:29.94:39.6
Frosh - Warinanco Frosh 3540m
33 runners
9thIsabel Reyes16:53* PR7:40.54:46.2
12thEmma Peterson17:41* PR8:02.34:59.7
JV - Warinanco Dual 5133m
62 Points 24:02.8 Avg 3:34 Spread 2nd of 7 teams, 114 runners
6th 6ptsManon Stephen22:20* PR7:00.14:21.1
8th 8ptsMeghan Kelly23:06* PR7:14.64:30.0
16th 10ptsClaire Lavin23:547:29.64:39.4
32nd 14ptsAmy Martino25:007:50.34:52.2
45th 24ptsAllie Haggerty25:548:07.25:02.7
80th 36ptsClare Baumeister29:119:09.05:41.1