Results for Boys North Jersey 2 Group 2 Sectional

Greystone Park - Sat 10 Nov 2012

Championship - Old Greystone Championship 5000m
53 Points 17:08.4 Avg 1:15 Spread 2nd Place
1st 1ptLeland Jones16:15* PR5:13.83:15.05:0011:15
6th 6ptsMitchell Booth17:06* PR5:30.23:25.25:1311:53
12th 12ptsPatrick Manion17:22* PR5:35.43:28.45:1612:06
16th 16ptsSam Porter17:29* PR5:37.63:29.85:1812:11
18th 18ptsRyan Blume17:30* PR5:38.03:30.05:1512:15
21st 21ptsPatrick Murray17:37* PR5:40.23:31.45:1612:21
29th 29ptsMatt Casagrande17:59* PR5:47.33:35.85:2812:31
Leland - 1st individual sectional champion in SHS history
2nd lowest point total in sectional history
fastest 5-man average this year
Smallest 2-5 compression this year - :24 seconds
Best sectional performance since 2008 (also 2nd)

Sectional History
2007 1st 52 pts
2012 2nd 53 pts
2008 2nd 54 pts
2006 3rd 73 pts

Bottom line: we didn't win

Next year to win we must:
Finish the race and remember every place counts
Not worry about other teams and just dominate
5 in top 10
7 runners who can break 17:00
Learn how to train and race together
:30 1-5 compression
Score less than 45 points