Results for Girls Westfield Relays

Westfield HS - Sat 8 Apr 1989 - 13 Points - Steady wind, 51°

Running Relays
Varsity 4x200 Final
Summit ACatherine Weis33.12:12.25
Kelly Adams33.2* PR
Lisa Taylor32.0* PR
Rachel Treadwell31.9* PR
Varsity Sprint Medley 4-2-2-8 Final
6th 1ptSummit AChristine Natale1:08.24:54.09
Stephanie Yulga31.2* PR
Jessica Raber32.4* PR
Carol Fisher2:41* -3.5
Varsity 4x800 Final
4th 4ptsSummit ACarol Fisher2:41.711:03.89
Katie Lawlor2:45
Katharine Webb2:58* PR
Kathy Castles2:37
Varsity Distance Medley 8-4-12-16 Final
3rd 6ptsSummit AKatie Lawlor2:44* PR13:52.00
Christine Natale1:06.5* -1.1
Carol Fisher4:16* PR
Kathy Castles5:43
Throwing Relays
Varsity Shot Put x2 Final
Summit AChristine Sofie26'7"* +1'1"51'3"
Kathy Castles24'8"
Varsity Discus x2 Final
5th 2ptsSummit AAmy Leatherbee78'9"* +4'1"153'0"
Christine Sofie74'3"* +6'10"
It has been raining on and off for 11 days now, and suddenly we have a crystal clear, blue sky, cold-side day. Steady wind, 51°. Ed Fern's Basking Ridge team now our nemesis along with the Westfield team. We split with both. 23 girls teams present.