Results for Girls Scotch Plains Dual

Summit HS - Mon 17 Apr 1989 - 65 Points - Beautiful, sunny day

Jumping Events
Varsity Long Jump Final
1st 5ptsLisa Taylor8'7½"
Running Events
Varsity 100m Final
Kim Langell14.9
Varsity 800m Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles2:45.6
2nd 3ptsChristine Natale3:02.2* PR
Varsity 400m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles1:11.2* PR
2nd 3ptsChristine Natale1:20.5
Varsity 200m Final
2nd 3ptsKim Langell31.5* PR
Kelly Adams34.1* -0.1
Varsity 1600m Final
1st 5ptsKatharine Webb6:45.4* PR
Varsity 400m Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles1:04.4* -0.3
2nd 3ptsKatie Lawlor1:10.3* PR
Jessica Raber1:24.5* PR
Melissa Nagy1:27* PR
Varsity 100m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsChristine Natale18.7
Throwing Events
Varsity Shot Put Final
1st 5ptsChristine Sofie29'2"* +1'5"
3rd 1ptKatie Lawlor25'2"* PR
Ada Aleman18'1½"
Sue Wagner17'7"
Varsity Discus Final
1st 5ptsChristina MacLean91'1"
2nd 3ptsChristine Sofie79'2"* +3'11"
Amy Leatherbee72'0"
Sue Wagner55'4"
Varsity Javelin Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles75'5"* PR
2nd 3ptsChristina MacLean71'6"
3rd 1ptChristine Sofie64'7"
Ada Aleman53'10"* PR
Vacation Monday, beautiful sunny day; almost a non-meet. The opposition has only brought along a handful of girls.Be forewarned, Plainfield beat Westfield last week with only 7 girls! Today, people have the luxury of picking their events.

Won 65-27