Results for Holmdel Relays

Holmdel HS - Sat 22 Apr 1989 - 6 Points - No clouds, 53°, persistent chilly wind

Running Relays
Varsity Intermediate Hurdle 3x400 Final
3rd 6ptsSummit AChristine Natale1:15.37* -0.843:59.06
Kim Langell1:21.49* PR
Katharine Webb1:22.2* PR
Throwing Relays
Varsity Shot Put x2 Final
Summit AChristine Sofie27'5¼"48'7½"
Amy Leatherbee21'2¼"* +1'8¼"
Varsity Javelin x2 Final
Summit AChristina MacLean76'2"140'8"
Christine Sofie64'6"
Varsity Discus x2 Final
Summit AChristina MacLean84'6"158'8"
Amy Leatherbee74'2"
Vacation week grinds to an end with few runners available, but a full throwing contingent.