Results for Girls Cranford Dual

Bucks Mill Park - Thu 4 May 1989 - 66 Points - 71° cloudless, light breeze, no humidity

Jumping Events
Varsity High Jump Final
2nd 3ptsChristina MacLean4'6"* +2"
Varsity Long Jump Final
1st 5ptsKim Langell13'9½"* +0½"
Stephanie Yulga13'1"
Running Events
Varsity 100m Final
3rd 1ptKim Langell14.7
Jen ParsonsDNF
Danette Dawsey14.8
Varsity 800m Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles2:34.6
3rd 1ptKatie Lawlor2:49.5
Melissa Myers3:02.3
Christine Sofie3:17.6* PR
Varsity 100m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsChristine Natale17.9
Kim Langell22.5* =PR
Varsity 200m Final
1st 5ptsChristine Natale29.0
Stephanie Yulga30.8* -0.2
Danette Dawsey31.6* -0.9
Kelly Adams32.8* -1.3
Jen Parsons34.3
Varsity 1600m Final
2nd 3ptsCarol Fisher5:42.3* -9.87
Katie Lawlor6:09.3* -0.7
Varsity 400m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles1:12.5
3rd 1ptChristine Natale1:13.6
Varsity 400m Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles1:04.2
Catherine Weis1:18.4
Ellen Nagle1:20.8* -5.1
Varsity 3200m Final
2nd 3ptsCarol Fisher13:09.3
3rd 1ptKatharine Webb13:45.9* -22.3
Throwing Events
Varsity Shot Put Final
1st 5ptsChristine Sofie26'8½"
Katie Lawlor22'8½"
Sue Wagner20'2"
Varsity Discus Final
1st 5ptsChristina MacLean99'10"
Christine Sofie70'4"
Sue Wagner58'8"
Varsity Javelin Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles78'6"
2nd 3ptsChristina MacLean76'0"
Running Relays
Varsity 4x400 Final
1st 5ptsSummit AKatie Lawlor1:09.5* -0.54:46.7
Lisa Taylor1:14.3* -1.7
Kim Langell1:09.5* -3.8
Stephanie Yulga1:13.4
A perfect day for competition. Cranford, known to be tough in the distance races, matched up tough with us, so a few adjustments in the lineup were called for. It worked because the team responded to the challenge with aplomb. 14 PERSONAL BEST PERFORMANCES!

Defeated Cranford 66-56.