Results for Girls Group 2 Championships

South Plainfield HS Frank Jost Field - 2-3 Jun 1989 - 1 Point

Jumping Events
Varsity Long Jump Final - Jun 03
Stephanie Yulga12'8"
Running Events
Varsity 800m Final - Jun 02
5th 4h1 1ptKathy Castles2:26.46
Varsity 400m Hurdles Final - Jun 03
Christine Natale1:13.43
Varsity 3200m Final - Jun 03
Carol Fisher13:14.01
Varsity 100m Hurdles Trials - Jun 02
Christine Natale17.27
Day 1: 94° humid, sunny, brutal air conditions. This is a quiet meet. The best track and field athletes in New Jersey are gathered, and it's just competitors, coaches, and parents. This is day one of the two day competition. Castles and Natale go today. Natale is 7 one hundredths off her personal best. Castles finishes 4th in the seeded section, and she ends up 5th overall in Group II, and qualifies for the MEET OF CHAMPIONS.

Day 2: 85°, low humidity, cloudless skies. A beautiful summer day.