Results for Girls Union Catholic Dual

Bucks Mill Park - Thu 7 Apr 1988 - 53 Points - 51° rainy

Running Events
Varsity 100m Final
3rd 1ptKathy Castles14.4
Sue Wagner18.7* PR
Varsity 800m Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles2:35.8
2nd 3ptsAnna Schliemann3:01
Varsity 100m Hurdles Final
3rd 1ptChristine Natale19.8* -0.9
Varsity 200m Final
1st 5ptsChristine Natale30.9* PR
Catherine Weis33.3* PR
Natalie Nixon35.2* PR
Varsity 1600m Final
1st 5ptsCourtney Griffith6:08.6
2nd 3ptsTanya White6:20
3rd 1ptCarol Fisher6:31.5* PR
Varsity 400m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsCourtney Griffith1:18.5
Varsity 400m Final
1st 5ptsCarolyn Button1:09.6
Varsity 3200m Final
1st 4ptsCarol Fisher14:10.9* -19
1st 4ptsTanya White14:10.9
Throwing Events
Varsity Shot Put Final
2nd 3ptsKathy Castles26'5"
Christine Sofie22'9"* +3'4"
Christina MacLean21'9"* +1'10"
Anna Schliemann21'6¾"
Mercedes Danforth21'3"
Varsity Discus Final
Christina MacLean69'10"
Mercedes Danforth62'8½"
Christine Sofie52'8½"
Amy Leatherbee47'3"
Varsity Javelin Final
2nd 3ptsMercedes Danforth76'7¼"* +3¼"
Christina MacLean56'1"
Amy Leatherbee54'6"
Christine Sofie48'7"
Running Relays
Varsity 4x400 Final
1st 5ptsSummit ACarolyn Button1:09.14:42.6
Courtney Griffith1:13.1* -1.8
Christine Natale1:13.1
Kathy Castles1:07
Meet sheet lists score as Union Catholic 57 Summit 47, but this totals 53 points. Also no jumps were contested, and with 12 events, including the relay, that implies at most 104 total points. So if the places in the sheet are correct for Summit, the final score should have been Summit 53, Union Catholic 51.