Results for Girls Cranford Dual

Bucks Mill Park - Mon 25 Apr 1988 - 60 Points - Sunny, breezy, 58°

Jumping Events
Varsity High Jump Final
2nd 3ptsChristina MacLean4'4"* +0"
Varsity Long Jump Final
2nd 3ptsAmy Koontz12'10½"
Sue Wagner8'3"
Running Events
Varsity 100m Final
2nd 3ptsCarolyn Button14.5
3rd 1ptTanya Quinn14.9
Varsity 800m Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles2:41
Varsity 100m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsChristine Natale20.1
3rd 1ptAmy Koontz21.5
Varsity 200m Final
2nd 3ptsCarolyn Button33.6
Varsity 1600m Final
1st 5ptsKathy Castles5:52
3rd 1ptCourtney Griffith5:56
Varsity 400m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsCourtney Griffith1:18.2
2nd 3ptsChristine Natale1:19.5
Varsity 400m Final
2nd 3ptsCarolyn Button1:09.8
Varsity 3200m Final
1st 5ptsCourtney Griffith12:55
Throwing Events
Varsity Shot Put Final
3rd 1ptAmy Koontz25'5½"* +1'9½"
Christine Sofie24'0"
Varsity Discus Final
2nd 3ptsChristina MacLean83'9"
3rd 1ptMercedes Danforth81'6½"
Varsity Javelin Final
1st 5ptsMercedes Danforth79'8"
2nd 3ptsChristina MacLean78'6"
3rd 1ptAmy Leatherbee67'0"
Some results in running events lost. Only point scoring performances recovered.

No 4x400 relay listed. Sheet shows score Summit 65, Cranford 57, which would add up if Summit won the 4x400. Otherwise it seems Cranford 62 Summit 60 should be the score.