Results for Girls Union Dual

Summit HS - Thu 16 Apr 1987 - 67 Points - Cloudy, Raw, Drizzly, 34°

Jumping Events
Varsity High Jump Final
1st 4ptsMeg Arnold4'0"
1st 4ptsAnna Schliemann4'0"* +2"
Varsity Long Jump Final
1st 5ptsChristina MacLean13'1"
Running Events
Varsity 100m Final
2nd 3ptsCarolyn Button15.1
Amy Whipple15.8* PR
Varsity 800m Final
1st 5ptsAnna Schliemann2:54.1
Varsity 100m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsMeg Arnold18.6
Varsity 200m Final
2nd 3ptsTanya White33.6* PR
3rd 1ptChristina MacLean34.0* PR
Varsity 1600m Final
1st 5ptsTanya White6:24.7
Varsity 400m Hurdles Final
1st 5ptsMeg Arnold1:17.1
Varsity 400m Final
1st 5ptsCarolyn Button1:09.1
3rd 1ptAmy Whipple1:18.8
Varsity 3200m Final
1st 5ptsTanya White14:06.4
Throwing Events
Varsity Shot Put Final
2nd 3ptsAnna Schliemann23'6"* PR
Amy Leatherbee19'6"* +1'7"
Varsity Discus Final
2nd 3ptsChristina MacLean75'8½"* +13'6½"
Amy Leatherbee60'4"
Varsity Javelin Final
1st 5ptsChristina MacLean64'4"* +7'1"
Amy Leatherbee52'9"
Running Relays
Varsity 4x400 Final
1st 5ptsSummit AMeg Arnold1:05.9* -1.74:46.2
Carolyn Button1:11.3
Amy Whipple1:15.2
Anna Schliemann1:13.8* PR
Home opener at Tatlock. Diminished troops. Summit's small force of 14 cut to 7 by the ravages of illness and vacation sojourns. Union has a force of 25. Summit coach appears at first normal for a home meet: nervous and irascible. This face dissolves to near despondency at the start of the meet as the mathematics of the situation portends a rough go. To make matters worse, the coach catches a glimpse of their shot putter, an eastern European looking six footer with power. But the Summit athletes are ready to meet the Herculean challenge despite his pessimism. One of the greatest dual meets in Summit Girls' Track and Field was about to begin.

Won 67-55