Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

Standings as of 10 02 2005

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OwnerRoto PointsAverageHRRBISBERARatioWinsSaves
Geoff Buchan77.001099910101010
A.J. Stephani73.0091010108899
Tim Schell43.505545.59924
Erik Engquist43.0067545457
Joe Voyticky41.0074374772
Josh Steinberg39.0038883243
Mike Zagami34.501122.57588
Lorin Engquist33.504215.56636
Jim Olechowski29.502672.52361
Ian Yankwitt26.0083611115

Geoff Buchan0.2835
A.J. Stephani0.2821
Ian Yankwitt0.2753
Joe Voyticky0.2748
Erik Engquist0.2732
Tim Schell0.2686
Lorin Engquist0.2667
Josh Steinberg0.2646
Jim Olechowski0.2637
Mike Zagami0.2618
A.J. Stephani250
Geoff Buchan247
Josh Steinberg236
Erik Engquist214
Jim Olechowski211
Tim Schell210
Joe Voyticky206
Ian Yankwitt196
Lorin Engquist159
Mike Zagami123
A.J. Stephani941
Geoff Buchan940
Josh Steinberg918
Jim Olechowski821
Ian Yankwitt816
Erik Engquist803
Tim Schell794
Joe Voyticky785
Mike Zagami705
Lorin Engquist653
A.J. Stephani144
Geoff Buchan130
Josh Steinberg117
Joe Voyticky112
Lorin Engquist102
Tim Schell102
Erik Engquist96
Mike Zagami90
Jim Olechowski90
Ian Yankwitt70
Geoff Buchan3.1595
Tim Schell3.7124
A.J. Stephani3.7390
Mike Zagami3.8770
Lorin Engquist3.9186
Erik Engquist3.9515
Joe Voyticky4.0484
Josh Steinberg4.2900
Jim Olechowski4.3503
Ian Yankwitt*4.5887
Geoff Buchan1.1686
Tim Schell1.2476
A.J. Stephani1.2736
Joe Voyticky1.3028
Lorin Engquist1.3076
Mike Zagami1.3315
Erik Engquist1.3524
Jim Olechowski1.3563
Josh Steinberg1.3851
Ian Yankwitt*1.4247
Geoff Buchan98
A.J. Stephani94
Mike Zagami93
Joe Voyticky91
Jim Olechowski86
Erik Engquist85
Josh Steinberg82
Lorin Engquist81
Tim Schell73
Ian Yankwitt66
Geoff Buchan100
A.J. Stephani94
Mike Zagami82
Erik Engquist78
Lorin Engquist71
Ian Yankwitt67
Tim Schell61
Josh Steinberg46
Joe Voyticky15
Jim Olechowski3

* Failed to meet estimated innings requirement of 1300.00. 50.00 extra innings above the requirement at 6.472 ERA and 1.6738 ratio are added to the total.
Statistics courtesty of Doug's NBA & MLB Statistics Home Page