Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

Standings as of 10 01 2006

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OwnerRoto PointsAverageHRRBISBERARatioWinsSaves
Ian Yankwitt58.50109104.57747
Josh Steinberg51.002105964510
Geoff Buchan51.00834299106
Tim Schell48.0098963292
Mike Zagami47.507677466.54
Jim Olechowski46.503781882.59
Lorin Engquist42.5061110556.58
Erik Engquist41.005223101081
A.J. Stephani34.504468232.55
Joe Voyticky19.501534.51113

Ian Yankwitt0.2850
Tim Schell0.2821
Geoff Buchan0.2796
Mike Zagami0.2792
Lorin Engquist0.2787
Erik Engquist0.2771
A.J. Stephani0.2763
Jim Olechowski0.2706
Josh Steinberg0.2703
Joe Voyticky0.2654
Josh Steinberg280
Ian Yankwitt269
Tim Schell263
Jim Olechowski260
Mike Zagami258
Joe Voyticky246
A.J. Stephani244
Geoff Buchan188
Erik Engquist174
Lorin Engquist75
Ian Yankwitt1051
Tim Schell987
Jim Olechowski985
Mike Zagami949
A.J. Stephani902
Josh Steinberg882
Geoff Buchan878
Joe Voyticky861
Erik Engquist829
Lorin Engquist526
Lorin Engquist191
Josh Steinberg174
A.J. Stephani166
Mike Zagami120
Tim Schell111
Ian Yankwitt103
Joe Voyticky103
Erik Engquist100
Geoff Buchan97
Jim Olechowski60
Erik Engquist3.7449
Geoff Buchan3.8718
Jim Olechowski4.1936
Ian Yankwitt4.2931
Josh Steinberg4.3518
Lorin Engquist4.3968
Mike Zagami4.5755
Tim Schell4.7011
A.J. Stephani4.7604
Joe Voyticky*5.0379
Erik Engquist1.2725
Geoff Buchan1.2892
Jim Olechowski1.3293
Ian Yankwitt1.3405
Mike Zagami1.3571
Lorin Engquist1.3576
Josh Steinberg1.3948
A.J. Stephani1.4244
Tim Schell1.4566
Joe Voyticky*1.5050
Geoff Buchan96
Tim Schell91
Erik Engquist88
Mike Zagami86
Lorin Engquist86
Josh Steinberg83
Ian Yankwitt79
Jim Olechowski73
A.J. Stephani73
Joe Voyticky61
Josh Steinberg90
Jim Olechowski86
Lorin Engquist74
Ian Yankwitt69
Geoff Buchan67
A.J. Stephani59
Mike Zagami58
Joe Voyticky44
Tim Schell23
Erik Engquist3

* Failed to meet estimated innings requirement of 1300.00. 50.00 extra innings above the requirement at 6.021 ERA and 1.6824 ratio are added to the total.
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