Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association Standings

Standings as of 09 28 2008

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OwnerRoto PointsAverageHRRBISBERARatioWinsSaves
Lorin Engquist66.0091010983710
Tim Schell58.507785.5108103
Geoff Buchan52.5010567.57791
Mike Zagami51.008235.59105.58
Erik Engquist46.004657.5365.59
A.J. Stephani41.0058735544
Ian Yankwitt37.00342104437
Josh Steinberg35.0019942226
Joe Voyticky34.0021126985
Jim Olechowski19.0063411112

Geoff Buchan0.2858
Lorin Engquist0.2755
Mike Zagami0.2737
Tim Schell0.2730
Jim Olechowski0.2710
A.J. Stephani0.2690
Erik Engquist0.2687
Ian Yankwitt0.2685
Joe Voyticky0.2660
Josh Steinberg0.2644
Lorin Engquist277
Josh Steinberg255
A.J. Stephani239
Tim Schell224
Erik Engquist214
Geoff Buchan210
Ian Yankwitt196
Jim Olechowski190
Mike Zagami174
Joe Voyticky157
Lorin Engquist1005
Josh Steinberg925
Tim Schell911
A.J. Stephani874
Geoff Buchan870
Erik Engquist841
Jim Olechowski812
Mike Zagami811
Ian Yankwitt767
Joe Voyticky683
Ian Yankwitt152
Lorin Engquist138
Erik Engquist136
Geoff Buchan136
Mike Zagami122
Tim Schell122
Josh Steinberg113
A.J. Stephani97
Joe Voyticky91
Jim Olechowski75
Tim Schell3.7525
Mike Zagami3.7674
Lorin Engquist3.8715
Geoff Buchan4.0779
Joe Voyticky4.0828
A.J. Stephani4.1319
Ian Yankwitt*4.1886
Erik Engquist4.1982
Josh Steinberg4.5862
Jim Olechowski*4.7910
Mike Zagami1.2558
Joe Voyticky1.2800
Tim Schell1.3064
Geoff Buchan1.3103
Erik Engquist1.3286
A.J. Stephani1.3324
Ian Yankwitt*1.3448
Lorin Engquist1.3582
Josh Steinberg1.4624
Jim Olechowski*1.4939
Tim Schell102
Geoff Buchan89
Joe Voyticky85
Lorin Engquist83
Mike Zagami82
Erik Engquist82
A.J. Stephani76
Ian Yankwitt70
Josh Steinberg64
Jim Olechowski61
Lorin Engquist106
Erik Engquist103
Mike Zagami91
Ian Yankwitt65
Josh Steinberg58
Joe Voyticky43
A.J. Stephani31
Tim Schell25
Jim Olechowski19
Geoff Buchan18

* Failed to meet estimated innings requirement of 1297.99. 49.92 extra innings above the requirement at 6.050 ERA and 1.7647 ratio are added to the total.
Statistics courtesty of Doug's NBA & MLB Statistics Home Page