Park Slope Rotisserie League Standings

Standings as of 10 01 2006

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OwnerRoto PointsAverageHRRBISBERARatioWinsSaves
Rich Sapinski55.508997856.53
Mark Rillen53.0041191010108
Erik Engquist51.006101062197
Geoff Buchan47.001076813210
Benny Greco45.50922106745.5
Joe Voyticky44.0053359982
Jim Olechowski39.5035.5517819
Mike Zagami36.0028733454
Lorin Engquist35.507482526.51
Rich Najjar33.0015.5444635.5

Geoff Buchan0.2884
Benny Greco0.2852
Rich Sapinski0.2838
Lorin Engquist0.2820
Erik Engquist0.2801
Joe Voyticky0.2798
Mark Rillen0.2771
Jim Olechowski0.2743
Mike Zagami0.2731
Rich Najjar0.2691
Erik Engquist283
Rich Sapinski277
Mike Zagami263
Geoff Buchan248
Jim Olechowski237
Rich Najjar237
Lorin Engquist229
Joe Voyticky207
Benny Greco175
Mark Rillen107
Erik Engquist1090
Rich Sapinski1069
Lorin Engquist985
Mike Zagami975
Geoff Buchan974
Jim Olechowski971
Rich Najjar953
Joe Voyticky906
Benny Greco820
Mark Rillen556
Benny Greco170
Mark Rillen152
Geoff Buchan125
Rich Sapinski124
Erik Engquist110
Joe Voyticky107
Rich Najjar98
Mike Zagami91
Lorin Engquist68
Jim Olechowski54
Mark Rillen4.1327
Joe Voyticky4.1434
Rich Sapinski4.2972
Jim Olechowski*4.3595
Benny Greco4.4155
Lorin Engquist4.4226
Rich Najjar4.4748
Mike Zagami4.5680
Erik Engquist4.6864
Geoff Buchan4.8030
Mark Rillen1.2926
Joe Voyticky1.3134
Jim Olechowski*1.3515
Benny Greco1.3627
Rich Najjar1.3648
Rich Sapinski1.3859
Mike Zagami1.3981
Geoff Buchan1.4094
Lorin Engquist1.4110
Erik Engquist1.4218
Mark Rillen106
Erik Engquist102
Joe Voyticky91
Lorin Engquist86
Rich Sapinski86
Mike Zagami85
Benny Greco84
Rich Najjar81
Geoff Buchan80
Jim Olechowski70
Geoff Buchan101
Jim Olechowski85
Mark Rillen79
Erik Engquist51
Benny Greco49
Rich Najjar49
Mike Zagami47
Rich Sapinski36
Joe Voyticky31
Lorin Engquist7

* Failed to meet estimated innings requirement of 1300.00. 50.00 extra innings above the requirement at 6.356 ERA and 1.6479 ratio are added to the total.
Statistics courtesty of Doug's NBA & MLB Statistics Home Page