Park Slope Rotisserie League Standings

Standings as of 09 30 2007

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OwnerRoto PointsAverageHRRBISBERARatioWinsSaves
Mike Zagami59.5010227.51010108
Benny Greco51.004111089810
Rich Sapinski50.5019107.54469
Mark Rillen47.00810516395
Erik Engquist44.0055669643
Rich Najjar43.0028727737
Joe Voyticky42.503739581.56
Geoff Buchan36.0076931154
Lorin Engquist34.506484.52271
Jim Olechowski32.009344.5351.52

Mike Zagami0.2814
Jim Olechowski0.2811
Mark Rillen0.2799
Geoff Buchan0.2798
Lorin Engquist0.2741
Erik Engquist0.2720
Benny Greco0.2711
Joe Voyticky0.2699
Rich Najjar0.2677
Rich Sapinski0.2669
Mark Rillen234
Rich Sapinski228
Rich Najjar227
Joe Voyticky218
Geoff Buchan216
Erik Engquist215
Lorin Engquist210
Jim Olechowski188
Mike Zagami118
Benny Greco102
Rich Sapinski1026
Geoff Buchan1022
Lorin Engquist989
Rich Najjar979
Erik Engquist936
Mark Rillen935
Jim Olechowski887
Joe Voyticky877
Mike Zagami706
Benny Greco675
Benny Greco179
Joe Voyticky158
Mike Zagami127
Rich Sapinski127
Erik Engquist123
Jim Olechowski115
Lorin Engquist115
Geoff Buchan88
Rich Najjar87
Mark Rillen66
Mike Zagami3.9507
Erik Engquist4.1108
Benny Greco4.1814
Rich Najjar4.2163
Mark Rillen4.2192
Joe Voyticky4.2235
Rich Sapinski4.2475
Jim Olechowski*4.5574
Lorin Engquist4.6154
Geoff Buchan4.6545
Mike Zagami1.2716
Benny Greco1.3032
Joe Voyticky1.3226
Rich Najjar1.3321
Erik Engquist1.3505
Jim Olechowski*1.3882
Rich Sapinski1.3882
Mark Rillen1.3887
Lorin Engquist1.3953
Geoff Buchan1.4514
Mike Zagami102
Mark Rillen90
Benny Greco88
Lorin Engquist85
Rich Sapinski83
Geoff Buchan80
Erik Engquist79
Rich Najjar78
Jim Olechowski70
Joe Voyticky70
Benny Greco89
Rich Sapinski86
Mike Zagami79
Rich Najjar68
Joe Voyticky64
Mark Rillen61
Geoff Buchan34
Erik Engquist18
Jim Olechowski16
Lorin Engquist5

* Failed to meet estimated innings requirement of 1300.00. 50.00 extra innings above the requirement at 6.198 ERA and 1.7578 ratio are added to the total.
Statistics courtesty of Doug's NBA & MLB Statistics Home Page