Park Slope Rotisserie League Standings

Standings as of 09 30 2008

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OwnerRoto PointsAverageHRRBISBERARatioWinsSaves
Jim Olechowski66.0010101099981
Mike Zagami61.005795781010
Rich Sapinski53.5093.5686768
Benny Greco49.006134101096
Rich Najjar48.0079738572
Erik Engquist46.0028875655
Geoff Buchan41.5085.55101129
Josh Steinberg34.5015.5464437
Joe Voyticky20.5043.5213313
Lorin Engquist20.0032122244

Jim Olechowski0.2789
Rich Sapinski0.2784
Geoff Buchan0.2764
Rich Najjar0.2730
Benny Greco0.2712
Mike Zagami0.2710
Joe Voyticky0.2697
Lorin Engquist0.2694
Erik Engquist0.2668
Josh Steinberg0.2635
Jim Olechowski249
Rich Najjar237
Erik Engquist225
Mike Zagami211
Josh Steinberg196
Geoff Buchan196
Joe Voyticky176
Rich Sapinski176
Lorin Engquist167
Benny Greco147
Jim Olechowski1017
Mike Zagami996
Erik Engquist987
Rich Najjar912
Rich Sapinski876
Geoff Buchan867
Josh Steinberg823
Benny Greco812
Joe Voyticky808
Lorin Engquist787
Geoff Buchan152
Jim Olechowski148
Rich Sapinski143
Erik Engquist133
Josh Steinberg100
Mike Zagami98
Benny Greco95
Rich Najjar92
Lorin Engquist91
Joe Voyticky65
Benny Greco3.6938
Jim Olechowski3.8387
Rich Najjar3.9410
Mike Zagami3.9469
Rich Sapinski4.0115
Erik Engquist4.2846
Josh Steinberg*4.4858
Joe Voyticky*4.5306
Lorin Engquist*4.7903
Geoff Buchan5.0069
Benny Greco1.2652
Jim Olechowski1.2909
Mike Zagami1.2933
Rich Sapinski1.3107
Erik Engquist1.3226
Rich Najjar1.3236
Josh Steinberg*1.3947
Joe Voyticky*1.4247
Lorin Engquist*1.4483
Geoff Buchan1.5108
Mike Zagami103
Benny Greco101
Jim Olechowski94
Rich Najjar92
Rich Sapinski82
Erik Engquist76
Lorin Engquist74
Josh Steinberg73
Geoff Buchan71
Joe Voyticky61
Mike Zagami74
Geoff Buchan70
Rich Sapinski64
Josh Steinberg63
Benny Greco57
Erik Engquist51
Lorin Engquist50
Joe Voyticky35
Rich Najjar34
Jim Olechowski29

* Failed to meet estimated innings requirement of 1300.00. 50.00 extra innings above the requirement at 6.648 ERA and 1.7337 ratio are added to the total.
Statistics courtesty of Doug's NBA & MLB Statistics Home Page