Hello. My name is Geoffrey Buchan.

Welcome to my home page.
I am the commissioner of the Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association NBA League
I'm also hosting the web site for the Buchan/Sedgwick NASCAR Challenge.
I'm also a member of the Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association National League and the Park Slope Rotisserie League.

I was a card-carrying member of the Free Software Foundation , at least until I scratched the card so much that it would no longer boot. I still send them dues each year, though.

Several years ago I purchased a Thinkpad Z60m for my wife, and I've installed Slackware GNU/Linux on it. I fiddled long enough getting the resolution right that I thought I should write up a page about it.

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I also created a database for track and cross country results for Summit High School from which my son Timothy graduated in 2021.