Park Slope Rotisserie League

The Park Slope Rotisserie League was founded in 1988 by a group of friends living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.
Many members of this league also belong to the Ezra Stiles Rotisserie Association.

2018Rich Najjar2018
2017Benny Greco2017
2016Rich Najjar2016
2015Lorin Engquist2015
2014Lorin Engquist2014
2013Joe Voyticky2013
2012Geoff Buchan2012
2011Geoff Buchan2011
2010Rich Sapinski2010
2009Mike Zagami2009
2008Jim Olechowski2008
2007Mike Zagami2007
2006Rich Sapinski2006
2005Lorin Engquist2005
2004Erik Engquist2004
2003Geoff Buchan2003
2002Jim Olechowski2002
2001Rich Sapinski2001
2000Geoff Buchan2000
1999Mike Zagami1999
1998Lorin Engquist1998
1997Lorin Engquist
1996Jim Olechowski
1995Rich Sapinski
1994Lorin Engquist
1993Lorin Engquist
1992Joe Voyticky
1991Mike Zagami
1990Rich Sapinski
1989Joe Voyticky
1988Erik Engquist
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